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by Chris Morgan

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MMA is like no other sport out there. MMA is a adrenaline filled sport that is very intense and one of the most fun things I have ever done in my life. The day I ran into and old friend who was a professional fighter at the time and he asked if I ever wanted to fight. I of course said yes because my whole life id always loved to fight but I could never do it legally. So after I said yes he told me he was retiring soon and wanted to stay in the MMA game so he was looking for people to train. I told him that Zach and I would be down, and not a week after I ran into him we started training. MMA has changed my life a lot in a sense that I have somewhere to aim my anger.

I have had one fight so far and have two upcoming. My next fight will be April 3rd and the one after that is April 11th. Two fights a week apart will be intense and hard but i’m very confidant in my skill and I know I will win both of these fights. I’m very confidant in my skills because i’m not like most other fighters I get paired up with. The fighters I get paired up with are either hard core wrestlers or boxers. Ive grown up being a boxer and I’m more confidant on my feet but, when it comes to being on the ground my trainer Brandon has taught me everything I need to know and I can submit people like its nothing. Im very fast on my feet and can run circles around my opponents, I wear them down then go in for the kill. My next to fights should go very smoothly and I will be able to built up my record to a positive one. I should already be 1-0, 1 win 0 losses but my first fight the ref seemed to not want me to win. After my next two fights my record will be  2-1.


The Lure of Netflix

Kwayde P’s thoughts:

Netflix logo

I desire to go home and watch Netflix, It is my sanctuary. It is all I look forward to. But I’m kept captive by the state–incarcerated in school instead of enjoying my on-point refuge of video streaming. I tolerate school all day – eight or nine hours of dreary, colorless monotony during which I could be watching The Walking Dead .

Netflix is more than a name. Its what tucks me in at night and says, “Hey, lets stay up all night and watch anime.” Its the voice that tells me to stay home the day after; “Stay in bed and watch movies, I’m all you need.” My soft bed is home waiting for me, beckoning for my posterior – my high definition television, the remote, and a box of tissues at my fingertips ready for the show.

This spectacle means that I don’t have to interact with other people.  I can just watch TV. Sometimes people get boring and annoying. I’m just lazy and sometimes its easier to watch something passively than to be productive and profitable. I’m tired of small talk – about insignificant things that aren’t interesting. It can’t hold my attention like bright colors, fast-moving explosions, and noises.  Wait, that sounds really shallow – it’s actually the storyline and content that grabs me.
I have an unconditional love for Netflix that cannot be tamed. Even if I was rich and made a million dollars, I would spend all my time watching Netflix. Sometimes it takes forever for them to update their current seasons of shows, but I don’t care. I can handle the wait. Sometimes they take off some really good movies and shows, but I don’t care. There’s more to choose from. Sometimes, when I have to search through all the B-rated horror movies and hentai videos, I cry tears of shame and disappointment. I don’t care, because it’s worth it.

The variety of shows and movies collected all in one place makes it difficult to choose. I can seriously search through Netflix as long as I want, but if I find a good show, I could spend weeks watching it, or binge watch a series in one night. And when its over I just don’t know what to do with myself. Its like I’ve lost a dear friend, that I’ve spent so much time with–long nights and lazy days.