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Fighting the Plague…

by Cyndi Faircloth

On Monday, my classroom was the source of a “symphony of sickness”. Hacking, coughing, sniffing, wheezing…you name it, we heard it.

I think all but one student was sick. And I might have been the worst off. (Of course, I’m also a whiner when I’m sick so it might have been in my head)

On Tuesday, I went to Quick Care to check in for the 2nd time this round of sickness. There were lots of other coughing, sneezing victims in the waiting room. The doctor took pity on me and listened to my complaints, and gave me another prescription to fight the plague. After one of my hacking sessions, I asked the nice doctor if he took Airborne when there were this many people coming in with these kinds of symptoms. He said he doesn’t take supplements.

He just washes his hands…a lot.

Seriously? That’s his preventative measure when he works with people coughing a sneezing in his face every day?



The CDC says that “Handwashing is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family from getting sick.”

I thought I washed my hands pretty regularly at school, but I realize it is something I have to consciously think about doing because there isn’t a sink in my room. Other than the regular bathroom trip, or before and after eating, I’m just not near a sink during the day.

Yet students are in my room all day long…touching things. Sneezing on the desks. Coughing into the air. Blowing their nose and throwing dirty tissues into the garbage (…or at least aiming for the garbage. Sometimes they miss and have to pick them up off the floor).

If you really think about the possible sharing of germs that can happen in a classroom, a germophobe might go into convulsions.

So it was kind of a reality check for me that the doctor (into whose face I had nearly coughed while he examined my nasal passages a few minutes ago) believed that handwashing was the best way for him to avoid getting sick.

I need to up my game during flu season. Maybe all year long.

So here’s my pledge: I will start washing my hands during every class break that I can.

This creeping crud is finally losing its hold on me (thanks to the doctor’s prescription, I think). And I don’t want it back again. Ever.

I will wash my hands whenever I pass the sink in our school kitchen. Or whenever I go in the Science classroom. And whenever I’m standing at the copier waiting for a job to finish (there’s a sink right around the corner). I may buy stock in SoftSoap at this rate.

‘Course I probably also need to invest in some good hand lotion because all this handwashing is going to dry my skin out. But that’s a story for another day…


My Brother

by Chris Morgan

[read more at: babydaddychris.blogspot.com/2015/02/my-bro.html]

My brother and I never really got along when we were younger but as we got older we got a lot closer. He is in the army now so we don’t get to talk much but when we do talk its for a long time because we gotta catch each other up on what’s going on.

My brother’s been in the army for almost a year now and I’ve only seen him once since he left. Its hard but I know he loves his job and I’m very proud of him. My brother’s a great guy and he likes to have fun. When he came home everyone in my family was here and we were all stoked that he was back, even though he was only back for a week. Me and my brother had a few nights together and during the day we hung out at home with all the family. He was here when I proposed to Sigourney, and I was really glad he was.

When I found out the day he was coming back, I made plans to get Sigourney and Lillyanna to come here so my brother could meet them. I thought it was amazing because when she saw him her face lit up and she was so happy. I’ m just so glad they like each other!


by Jon Kammeyer

One day I was going to go down to Old Country Buffet and I thought that it was going to be amazing. I was anticipating it to be the best thing I’ve ever tasted, and besides that it was all you can eat. We were on the way to Lewiston and I was so hungry that I probably could have eaten a horse. The ride down to Lewiston was long, hot, and miserable. When we were coming into Lewiston the famous smell of the paper mill hit my nose. Its so gross that it really makes me not want to go down there, but I do anyways because I love going places. Also, along with the horrible smell, my ears were so clogged form the rapid elevation drop that I couldn’t hear a 357 going off next to my head. Anyways I was still excited to go to the buffet.

The temperature difference between the top of the grade and the bottom is so drastic that it overwhelms the human body until you get climatized to the air thickness and heat. Sometimes I like to go down the old Lewiston grade because it gives you a better look at what traveling to lewiston was really like back in the day. As the day went on we shopped at Costco, Walmart, Grocery Outlet Bargain Market, and Big R (when it was still open).

After we finished our shopping we went to the park down by the snake river. It was a little too cold to go swimming but I didn’t care, I changed into my swimsuit and plunged right into the river. The murky green water was so disgusting that it probably would have turned other people away, but I wasn’t afraid, I knew what I was getting into. The way the water shined from the sunlight hitting it and reflecting it into my eyeballs was so blinding that I had to be able to watch where I was going so I could plunge into the water. I had been waiting for the day to be able to swim in a river, I was so ready to get the water all over my body and feel the the coolness of the water surrounding my body. It was so cold after about fifteen minutes that I couldn’t handle it any longer because my body was about to turn into an ice cube. If i would have stayed in any longer my core temp would have probably dropped about six to seven degrees.

The whole reason I was excited about going to the buffet was because I remember going with my grandma when I was six. We were up in Spokane visiting my uncle and she wanted to take me out to lunch. She asked me where I wanted to go and I told her I didn’t care and to just take me somewhere good. So she decided to take me to Old Country Buffet. I remember walking into the restaurant and the amazing smell of bacon and fried chicken caressing my nose and me almost faint. It was so painfully delicious that it made me almost start floating in mid air following the scent like in a cartoon. The sudden thought came to my head that this was the most amazing day of my life, out with me grandma sitting right across from her. She was wearing a bright orange and yellow shirt with the normal black pants she always wore when we went out to eat.

The conversations I have with her are always the most uplifting and kind hearted ones. She knows exactly what to say to make you feel good about yourself. We sat there for probably about twenties minutes reveling in the memories of what we used to do together. Like one time in Tekoa, Washington where she raised all of her kids, and we were going to the tavern so we could have lunch then go play bingo at the local nursing home. We always walked to where we were we were going because Tekoa is not very big at all. You could walk anywhere in just about five minutes. So her and I were walking to the tavern and she told me to be on my best behavior or I was going to go home and take a nap. Of course it’s what she said so I had to obey, because if I didn’t I’d get my mouth slapped and washed out with soap or go to bed without supper.

My grandma, besides being raised in The Depression, she was always the sweetest person you’d ever met. She and her friend Joanne would always hang out every Sunday at 1pm and drink their daily amounts of tea and watch their T.V. shows. She and I are so close and loved spending time with each other, thats why I was excited to go out to lunch with her. As her and I went to the buffet to get a plate of food, I was stuck with so many options on what to have. I could’ve had salad, multiple types of soup, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, baklava, french dipped sandwiches, and a whole buffet strictly to dessert.

The dessert buffet was so amazing. It had four different types of pie, a machine that had three types of ice cream also the buffet had the freshest brownies that were so gooey and delicious; especially with a huge dollop of vanilla ice cream on top. My mind was full of ideas as far as to do with the many options in front of me that when the opportunity came that I could get dessert I was so overwhelmed with the thoughts my young mind was giving me. Thats why I was so excited when I figured out that after shopping we were going to Old Country Buffet. Finally we were on our way to the buffet. It felt like eternity driving from Costco in Clarkston to the buffet in Lewiston. On our way up the hill I was talking my head off the whole way in anticipation of getting to the buffet.

As we were rounding the corner to the buffet my peripheral vision noticed a “Closed For Good’ sign hung in front of the window and door. My heart sank. You could hear the sound of my heart hitting my stomach from the back of the car. My body started to tremble and the disappointment soared through my body, as fast as I could think of the next thing to do I began to cry. My whole days work was for nothing. Everything I was looking forward to gone, down the drain, like a magician making something disappear. I was told that i would be going to the buffet after we went shopping, and look it was closed for good.

My feelings at that moment where so up and down that I didn’t know what to think. I couldn’t imagine the reason that God was doing this to me. I started thinking of what I did to deserve this and I couldn’t think of any reason I was being tortured. My mind soaring through the clouds, the far out galaxies trying, wondering why. The feelings of nothingness. Why in the world this could of happened to me and not someone else. No it had to happen to me I don’t know why, but it did. The lost ambition, the devastation in my eyes, the sorrow my heart felt, the whole reason I wanted to go down there, had gone down down the drain.

I was so disappointed, but as we left Lewiston and the smell of Lewiston left my nose I knew everything would be okay because I have my family and I’m always grateful for the things that happen in my life. I knew at that moment that everything happens for a reason I was okay with the buffet being closed.

(Read more on his blog: bigchedda.blogspot.com/)