Your Story (Student Blog Feature)

by Becca –
(Halloween is only a couple weeks away so let’s feature a blog post with a scary story theme…)

You find yourself awake but already walking and fully dressed outside, as you walk you notice a sharp pain within your forearm. As you look down you see a shadowish figure moving away from your side and completely vanishing, slightly alarmed you try to turn around but it’s like this forced spell is being cased on you.
You lost your free will as you continuously walk your in a place you know is familiar, it’s your best friend’s farm. Knowing that they might know how to help you, you instantly start sprinting up the long dirt driveway. You try to slow down but realize you can’t stop, so rather then stopping and knocking on the door like a normal human you bust threw the door and start leaping stairs to get to the bed rooms. As you climb the stairs you definitely know something is wrong, looking down at yourself you notice there isn’t only mud on you it’s also blood fresh and old.
Your mind races as your heart beats faster and faster with each realization that is made, you grab onto the sturdy wooden bannister to catch and stop yourself. As you double over you hear heavy footsteps coming at you fast and as you look up you get cracked upside the head with a medal bat causing you to fall backwards. As you try to talk nothing comes out but a horrific shriek, with you saying that another hit comes down hard causing you to Wake up immediately in your bed looking around quickly and panting. As you do this you realize it was just a dream and you lay back down irritated, “Stupid Z nation….”


Fickle? Or Just Working for the Weekend?

By Cyndi Faircloth – English/Social Studies/Art/Journalism teacher

Ahhh…students. Sometimes they’re so fickle.

Last week, I went home in a great mood and told my husband how great my History class is. The kids were excited about class that day. One student said, “I love learning History this way!” Another commented that they’d learned “so much” in my class.

Students said this as I was passing out a set of documents for them to analyze, in order to answer an essential question. My little teacher’s heart was glad that they were enjoying the class and it was nice to hear students say that they were actually learning something from me! (Wow! My work was worth it!)


Today, we were finishing up a set of documents from yesterday. Then, we were starting another set of documents on a different topic.  Apparently, kids can only handle one topic per day and learn “so much” from me.

As I was handing out the second set of documents, I heard complaints:

“So many documents!”

“So much to read!”


Fickle I tell you. Fickle.

I tell myself its because today is the last day of the school week before a long weekend. They just don’t have the stamina today because they are focused on the next couple of days off. [Point of clarification – “off” for the students does not mean “off” for me. I have two days of professional development classes and discussion ahead. I sure hope no one hears me say anything like “So much to read!” or “More?!”] Or maybe its because they weren’t done talking about the first topic and they wanted to spend more time on it. Or maybe I didn’t do a good job introducing the topic and how it connects to today.

Who knows? But we’ll finish those documents on Monday and start some new ones. Keep on swimming…


Sanctuary – by Becca

Read more at:

Sanctuary is a place that you feel your safest from emotion, from harm, or just getting away from stress we all should have one. Well believe it or not my sanctuary is in the woods, I feel in total harmony and bliss when I walk barefoot on the soft but tough ground.
I’ve always loved the woods out in my old homestead, we were surrounded by nature and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to grow up. I remember when I was younger I wanted to run away from my house so I packed up what I knew I needed and went to my safe spot for a few hours. No one knew where I was which was blissfully scarey, meaning I was fine with my surroundings just not at night. So it’s safe to say that our sanctuaries are what we make them, well that’s just my thinking.:)

My Grandma

By Tori Goodsell (read more at:

My grams had been there ever since I was born and ever since then she has been the best grandma that I could ever have. Whenever I needed help or lost my way her yelling eventually caught up with me just like my parents. Having her there made me realize that if mom said no then you can always go to grandma when you’re little and get whatever you want pretty much.

After a while of trying that my grandma caught on and then I started getting in trouble. But at least we moved on and now we are in a better place with our relationship. Now I weird her out and she calls me a weirdo and plans stuff with chris as a surprise behind my back. I hate surprises. O well… least I still have her in my life.

Mountain Biking with my teacher and my friends

by Jon Kammeyer –

So last friday I went mountain biking with a bunch of my friends on moscow mountain. I had a blast, I got to see some really cool old cabins that were up there, some old gold mining sheds and just some really cool old stuff. The reason I liked it was because I have gone mountain biking before but never on that scale of wickedness. I was going down this one trail and it felt like I was lying high over the world with the sound of the universe behind me . It was all good because my teacher let me ride his bike because the back axle on my bike broke. But all in all it was a fun time and I think we are going again this coming Friday.

Just a little line that came outta my mind  

by Caleb Martin  [Read more at:]

Looking closely at the future, tryna figure what is best,
as I’m analyzing features, heading farther farther west,
hoping I could find a balance, get this shit up off my chest,
like I’m runnin round in circles, ima trash you like the rest.
Feel like I’m drifting far away into the blackness of space,
find the answer to the question, cover up with blankets in,


By Cyndi Faircloth – English/Social Studies/Art/Journalism teacher

It’s that time of year.

The kids who are close to graduation start running of out steam and find it hard to focus all day. Teachers spend more time practicing amateur psychology and trying to head off emotional meltdowns, than we do celebrating the success of various assignments.

Student smarts off in class? We have to ask ourselves if it was intended as a rude comment for the teacher (or another student) or if it was a fight-flight reaction to being afraid that he/she didn’t know the answer. And we have to do that mental processing in the second or two it takes for us to respond so that we can respond appropriately. Make a joke out of it? Suggest a time out, like getting a glass of water? Or impose a more serious consequence?

Making the wrong choice may mean the situation escalates and takes the class off-track.


One of our past lead teachers had this theory that seniors go through a mini-phase where the terrible twos reemerge. He believed that senioritis, and the resulting condition of “jerk-headedness” that sometimes comes with it, are actually part of the student’s process of saying goodbye to both parents and school. That period, where neither side is really enjoying each others’ company on a regular basis, is key to being able to let go when the student moves on after graduation.


Sorta makes sense.

And, that theory is part of what gets us through the end of the year. We work at not taking things personally when students act up. “Senioritis,” we tell ourselves when the basketball breaks the backyard light fixture at lunch.

“Senioritis,” we say when a student stares at the blank computer screen and says, “My head will explode!” when we make them work.

“Senioritis,” is the mantra when a student can’t stop talking during 4th period, dominating class discussion.

Whatever helps us sleep at night, right?

Just in case it isn’t obvious, teachers look forward to graduation as much as students do. It is the cure for “senioritis”. Both students and teachers can relax and go back to the usual merriment and general delight in each other’s company.

We’ll be really glad when “this time of year” ends on June 4th!

MH 370

Thoughts from Gus Nash (Sarcasm anyone?) [Read more at the: Gus Bus Express]

The plane was traveling through a time rip when it and everyone on it was thrown into another dimension. They are probably at some abandoned airport on mainland asia, hundreds of years in the future waiting, waiting for the Langoliers to come demolish them into oblivion.

Sounds more realistic than a highjacking or crash to me.

Batman and Harley Quinn in Heaven

This post is a poem in response to an English assignment.  Students wrote a poem imitating the one studied in class.

By Shyann Burch (inspired by “Emily Dickinson and Elvis Presley in Heaven” by Hans Ostrom)

She calls him Brucie, finally caught

up on the identity of the famed Dark Knight.

He calls her Harls, and is constantly amused

with all of her tomfoolery even here.


In heaven Bruce no longer has to mask

himself with his cape and cowl. He now wears his true identity

and emphasizes it with a simple shirt and pants.

No more hiding now that the work is done.


Harley went through many changes

through the years. She dons her classic

black and red slim jumpsuit, carrying her hammer.

She gets up to her best antics in this outfit.


Bruce and Harley take walks in Heaven talking

of old times, of old battles.  She begs for his secrets

to escaping Puddin’s traps. Which he gracefully

slips out of and distracts her.


Harley, up to her timeless tricks, teaches

him a new way to think,

teaches him how to let loose and be free

He plays along and enjoys the unlikely friendship.


Bruce explains how to be honest and fair.

He calms her when she yearns for the Joker.

He puts up with her crazy mood swings.

She comes to enjoy their unlikely friendship.


They know why God make them

roommates. It’s because Gotham was their home;

its because they had a lot to share;

its because they have a lot to learn and laugh with each other.

Thoughts from students and staff about life at Paradise Creek Regional High School.

Learning to laugh & love while being a Mommy & Farmer's Wife.


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