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Mountain Biking with my teacher and my friends

by Jon Kammeyer –

So last friday I went mountain biking with a bunch of my friends on moscow mountain. I had a blast, I got to see some really cool old cabins that were up there, some old gold mining sheds and just some really cool old stuff. The reason I liked it was because I have gone mountain biking before but never on that scale of wickedness. I was going down this one trail and it felt like I was lying high over the world with the sound of the universe behind me . It was all good because my teacher let me ride his bike because the back axle on my bike broke. But all in all it was a fun time and I think we are going again this coming Friday.


by Chris Morgan

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MMA is like no other sport out there. MMA is a adrenaline filled sport that is very intense and one of the most fun things I have ever done in my life. The day I ran into and old friend who was a professional fighter at the time and he asked if I ever wanted to fight. I of course said yes because my whole life id always loved to fight but I could never do it legally. So after I said yes he told me he was retiring soon and wanted to stay in the MMA game so he was looking for people to train. I told him that Zach and I would be down, and not a week after I ran into him we started training. MMA has changed my life a lot in a sense that I have somewhere to aim my anger.

I have had one fight so far and have two upcoming. My next fight will be April 3rd and the one after that is April 11th. Two fights a week apart will be intense and hard but i’m very confidant in my skill and I know I will win both of these fights. I’m very confidant in my skills because i’m not like most other fighters I get paired up with. The fighters I get paired up with are either hard core wrestlers or boxers. Ive grown up being a boxer and I’m more confidant on my feet but, when it comes to being on the ground my trainer Brandon has taught me everything I need to know and I can submit people like its nothing. Im very fast on my feet and can run circles around my opponents, I wear them down then go in for the kill. My next to fights should go very smoothly and I will be able to built up my record to a positive one. I should already be 1-0, 1 win 0 losses but my first fight the ref seemed to not want me to win. After my next two fights my record will be  2-1.