by Cyndi Faircloth

The last day of school is always a little bittersweet around here. Our group is so small, and becomes so close over the year, that the last day of school is both happy and sad.

Happy because we cheer the students who are graduating. Sad because we will miss them next year.

Especially this year. I don’t know how many times someone on the staff has said, “We have the nicest group of kids this year!” Part of that has been the leadership of our seniors. They stick up for the underdog. Encourage the nervous. Compliment just about everyone.

They are genuinely good human beings.

2016 Seniors (wearing the items that I knitted for them)

They have overcome different kinds of adversity, worked hard, and are ready to move on to whatever comes next. So we will cheer and clap at commencement tomorrow. And I will cry (because I always cry) because I’m happy, proud, emotional and sad that they are leaving us.


The last day of school is our last chance for bonding as a group. The staff is making breakfast (crepes this year). Students will turn in last minute assignments and revisions. Seniors will practice graduation speeches. We will clean the building, packing things away for summer so the maintenance crews can move around the building easily.

We will watch the graduation slideshow – a video “yearbook” of the past 9 ½ months. We’ll laugh at the memories, write our last messages in each other’s yearbook, and linger until the last minute before graduation rehearsal. Because we hate to let go of our little family group.

I say the same thing almost every week as students leave school. So I will probably take one last chance to remind them of my best advice as they leave tomorrow: Make good choices.

(And I will try not to cry as I say it.)


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