Food Festival

chocolate_chip_cookie_dayby Cyndi Faircloth

The last few weeks at PCR have been a bit of a food festival. Not exactly by design, but more through luck.

First, there were all the apples left over from school lunches. (Note to self – or at least to the groovy kitchen masters that make our school lunch – students don’t eat apples in February). On Fridays, rather than throwing them out or feeding them to Matt’s chickens, I took them home and made an apple pie and brought it in on Monday. After the first week, I started to get creative with the recipe: weave the top crust together to decorate. Add a little cinnamon. No, add a handful of Red Hots candy – that will spice things up!

After the apples, it was oranges. There were fewer oranges than apples left over, but the bowl on the kitchen table was still getting full at the end of the week. Jim and I decided that we will need to get a juicer so he can use the juice from the oranges in the smoothies he makes for breakfast. (We really hate to throw food out!)

Aside from fruit, there was my baking cupboard to clean out. I’ve been trying to eat less bread so I haven’t been baking as much as I used to. Opening the cupboard and seeing the flour, sugar, salt, and baking powder just calling to me, I decided that a baking binge was in order to clear them out for my sanity.

Two batches of Rice Krispie Treats and eight dozen chocolate chip oatmeal cookies later, my cupboard had some empty shelf space and I had quite a few gallon ziplock bags of treats to share with the students. (In all fairness, my husband’s office also benefitted (?) from my “cleaning” spree)

The last treasure trove of food came when a friend had to clean out her dad’s kitchen after his battle with cancer (Cancer won). For Thanksgiving and Christmas, she sent him some gift baskets from Mahoghany Fields (or whatever that food company is called). She lives in California, so she doesn’t really want any of the food items. She brings them to me; I bring them to school for the students. Crackers, cheese, smoked salmon, short breads…it was Snackville!

I think the food festival is coming to an end. It looks like this week the leftover food is going to be baby carrots. Unless someone has a creative recipe to use those up in bulk, we may just be pushing rabbit food on everyone during Open 4th period Friday. Wait…maybe I need to Google “carrot cake” recipes…


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