Is drinking milk healthy?

By Gagandeep Chandi (read more at )

As weird as this sounds, this is another controversial topic, I just find it more fun to do these kinds of topics. So let’s discuss for the sake of me passing my english class and debating this. Let’s start off with some information EVERYONE should already know, milk is healthy as all hell for your bones and bone structure. Milk contains calcium, potassium and Vitamin D. So what are these? How do these even benefit me or you? Well too little potassium or too much sodium can risk high blood pressure. Unfortunately enough, most americans suffer from high blood pressure from too much sodium and some even from not drinking some milk. Some good ol’ hearted milk that comes from a assortment of animals and females. However, is there a such thing as too much milk? Let’s find out.

One of the main arguments against milk is that it can reduce the risk of fractures. But in actuality, there is very little evidence this is true according to Dr. Willett, M.D. He has M.D in his name, so he is legit I assure you. Willett also worries that drinking too much milk can pose some worries and dangers. Research shows SOME evidence that milk can be linked to some formation of prostate cancer. Also milk isn’t necessary to your survival, you can get all these missing nutrients from orange juice or soy milk or even the classic disgusting ruse that mothers put up, vegetables. Other evidence is also linked to females and some dairy products can cause ovarian cancer. The main concern about this to people is to make sure they are getting the necessary calcium for their bodies, and just get adequate doses of vegetables and minerals.

Another problem is the USDA is recommending too much milk, some might even say dangerous levels of milk. So much milk, legend says that if you drink too much milk, you may implode of the dairy nectar of the cows, goats and all them dairy producers. The point is though, you don’t have to just give up on dairy altogether. For people that are lactose intolerant, they should favor other sources of gaining calcium and the necessary vitamin and minerals to promote more of a healthy lifestyle. In my opinion, if you enjoy the feeling of dairy in your mouth, who cares if it’s unhealthy. Mostly what everyone consumes is already unhealthy. So, in the wise words of all milk ads, Just do it.


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