Beating a Dead Horse

It’s so nice when students enjoy their work:

Source: Beating a Dead Horse from Alden Bader (read more at

Blogging. Here at Paradise Creek Regional Highschool this is a thing of much contempt and much debate. Some people, the few and the quiet, love to blog. I think that they feel as though they are finally being heard by broadcasting their opinion to their classmates without actually talking to them. I’m part of the other group of people who don’t love it, we’re the problem. I don’t feel the need to share my thoughts on every little thing and broadcast them to everyone from here to Hanoi. Actually, I don’t mind broadcasting my thoughts and opinions because more often than not I’m right; I just don’t like the fact that people are forced to read it and respond to it. I’m sure some people love having their ego inflated from other people’s comments on the internet, but I’m not that vapid and self-absorbed.

Ever since I read my first part of a blog, some awful piece of garbage a Tumblrina wrote, I’ve always thought of blogs as a way to scream into an echochamber and cry about how you were oppressed (Personally, I was oppressed today, someone didn’t use a trigger warning when they told a joke). Everyone who blogs is a special snowflake, no opinion is wrong (of course your opinion is wrong), debate is accomplished by attacking your opponents character or values (if you don’t think this is true you are an idiot and probably a communist), and I am exposed to other’s flawed opinions and thoughts.

I do understand the reason we blog (100 out of 10 studies show that it improves your writing), but I feel as though I have become so accomplished at writing, thanks to my wonderful English teacher Cyndi, that it is essentially unnecessary. I wouldmuch, kind of, barely rather blog and expose people to my thoughts and be exposed to theirs than write essay after essay. Oh well, nothing I can do really. This argument I’ve been making for a year is worn out and useless so I might as well resign myself to an awful life of sharing every unimportant, boring, and incorrect thought with every soul unfortunate enough to have been forced to read my blog.


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