Your Story (Student Blog Feature)

by Becca –
(Halloween is only a couple weeks away so let’s feature a blog post with a scary story theme…)

You find yourself awake but already walking and fully dressed outside, as you walk you notice a sharp pain within your forearm. As you look down you see a shadowish figure moving away from your side and completely vanishing, slightly alarmed you try to turn around but it’s like this forced spell is being cased on you.
You lost your free will as you continuously walk your in a place you know is familiar, it’s your best friend’s farm. Knowing that they might know how to help you, you instantly start sprinting up the long dirt driveway. You try to slow down but realize you can’t stop, so rather then stopping and knocking on the door like a normal human you bust threw the door and start leaping stairs to get to the bed rooms. As you climb the stairs you definitely know something is wrong, looking down at yourself you notice there isn’t only mud on you it’s also blood fresh and old.
Your mind races as your heart beats faster and faster with each realization that is made, you grab onto the sturdy wooden bannister to catch and stop yourself. As you double over you hear heavy footsteps coming at you fast and as you look up you get cracked upside the head with a medal bat causing you to fall backwards. As you try to talk nothing comes out but a horrific shriek, with you saying that another hit comes down hard causing you to Wake up immediately in your bed looking around quickly and panting. As you do this you realize it was just a dream and you lay back down irritated, “Stupid Z nation….”


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