Batman and Harley Quinn in Heaven

This post is a poem in response to an English assignment.  Students wrote a poem imitating the one studied in class.

By Shyann Burch (inspired by “Emily Dickinson and Elvis Presley in Heaven” by Hans Ostrom)

She calls him Brucie, finally caught

up on the identity of the famed Dark Knight.

He calls her Harls, and is constantly amused

with all of her tomfoolery even here.


In heaven Bruce no longer has to mask

himself with his cape and cowl. He now wears his true identity

and emphasizes it with a simple shirt and pants.

No more hiding now that the work is done.


Harley went through many changes

through the years. She dons her classic

black and red slim jumpsuit, carrying her hammer.

She gets up to her best antics in this outfit.


Bruce and Harley take walks in Heaven talking

of old times, of old battles.  She begs for his secrets

to escaping Puddin’s traps. Which he gracefully

slips out of and distracts her.


Harley, up to her timeless tricks, teaches

him a new way to think,

teaches him how to let loose and be free

He plays along and enjoys the unlikely friendship.


Bruce explains how to be honest and fair.

He calms her when she yearns for the Joker.

He puts up with her crazy mood swings.

She comes to enjoy their unlikely friendship.


They know why God make them

roommates. It’s because Gotham was their home;

its because they had a lot to share;

its because they have a lot to learn and laugh with each other.


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