Mahatma Gandhi and Kendrick Lamar in Heaven

By Chase Ott (inspired by “Emily Dickinson and Elvis Presley in Heaven” by Hans Ostrom)

They call each other revolutionary. Gandhi mines

salt from the caves on the hillside and brings

it back to Kendrick. Kendrick explains hip-hop to him.


In heaven, Kendrick eats collard greens, creates

beats and creative lyrics with rhyme.

Gandhi is meatier, wears jewelry


and nice shoes, with a full head of hair.

They make beats together and play music.

Gandhi prefers they play together. Forever.


Gandhi is now marching for hip-hop, big butts,

dis tracks, collaborations, rap battles, Eminem and

Dr. Dre. The Beats by Dre make him smile


Kendrick likes himself with genius. This afternoon

he will create and rap a song about marching

with the lyrics from “Poetic Justice”.


Gandhi will beat a drum and bob along. Alone

in their hut and studio later, they’ll listen to the pitter patter

of feet and nap. They will not think of India


or Compton. They know why God made them

roommates. It’s because the world

is their hometown. It’s because


God doesn’t have

ADHD. It’s because

God meditates for the greater good.


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