Drive Right or Get Off the Road

Students seem to have strong feelings about the driving skills of others…here’s a look at another student’s thoughts:

By Tommy Moore:
I drive because I need to get somewhere quick and efficiently, NOT so I can sit behind your slow ass and be late for an important meeting or school or whatever event I was on my way to. It’s ok to be a cautious driver, but when you are driving below the speed limit then you yourself become a hazard.
I also do not drive so I get stuck in traffic because the person in front doesn’t know the law of the road and realize they can turn left at a red light onto a one way. If you are going to drive, maybe you should know the laws of the area you’re in. Just a thought.
Do NOT honk at me when you try to go before me at a four way stop, you know damn well I was there first. When the light turns you better go or I’m gonna run you over. I almost got run off the road the other day by some lady on her cellular device. Really? there’s a reason that it’s illegal to use them while driving. So to the dumb blonde who could have killed us both, get off the road because I hope you never hurt anyone like you nearly did me.
(Read more at his blog: Time Enough to Rant But Not Much Else)

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