A Look Back

Emily sheds some light on the opportunity cost of having a high school job…

The Group Picture

A year ago today, at this minute, I was sitting on the couch patiently waiting for a “Hello” text from my boyfriend in Couer’D Alene. I was asking questions about school, him, and my future. And somehow, I thought I had it all planned out. I would finish school a year early, I would run off to college in Nampa with him, we would get married, have kids and be a power couple for the rest of our lives. Between the all the life plans and goals I failed to remember to finish the chemistry classwork due the next day. I was so intensely focused on my friends and going to my dream college. School was half- day and it was easy to get good grades; we were also so small (11 secondary students) that having a partial social life was guaranteed and drama stopped at number 11. I was…

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