Really?! Ruin Your Own Car Not Mine

By Shyann Burke:

           Is it just me or do i have “ride my bumper” stamped across my car?? It seems that lately that attract every single tailgater in my community. To add to my unseemly bad luck I have to also be the one that has to drive a really windy road that the average speed is 65; so when people are following you at a distance that would be appropriate for going 25 you can understand hopefully when I get edgy and a little bit angry.

          I didn’t seem to notice these rude drivers until last August when one of these tailgaters rear-ended me on the very highway I was just speaking of when he looked how to “change his radio station” (likely story) and didn’t see me turn on my blinker well before hand… SMACK! At least his car came out worse than mine did. But the trade off was that I had to go through several months of physical therapy for my back. Soooo yeah, that made me super happy, and now whenever I come up to the same turn, and there is a car behind me, I am massively anxious.

          So, moral of the story everyone: don’t be a jerk and back off. You won’t get there any sooner by riding my bumper; all you are going to do is give me an anxiety attack. And possibly cause an accident so just keep a respectable distance between you and the car in front of you and wait for the proper opportunity to get around them if you are in a rush. Be safe, be sane, back off.

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