The Cookie Guy

by Mike Krewer

I have trouble sleeping at night. I’m not sure why. I just can’t sleep get to sleep – it just takes too long for me to finally get rest. Usually, as I lay there in my bed, I’m lost in thought. I have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, meaning my train of thought is more like a rabbit trail going anywhere and everywhere rather than a straight line like a train. So the act of staying still and shutting down long enough to go to sleep has to be one of the hardest things accomplishable. Because I hve trouble sleeping getting up and ready is a challenging task but i’ve learned that stimulants like caffeine chocolate or sugar kind of counter the ADHD and calm me down so I found a way of putting that into my mornings.

Everyday, on my way to school, I walk to the store next to the bus stop to get some cookies. I’ve been doing it for so long, it’s part of my daily routine. Everyday the guy at the counter of the bakery greets me and says, “Cookies right?” I ask him how his morning was so far, and we have a short conversation as he grabs my usual four chocolate cookies and prints my bill.

I don’t remember his name, we just haven’t gotten to that point in our friendship. So far, hes just the guy that hands me my morning cookies. I only see him for, at most, a few minutes every weekday, but he has become one of the most important parts of my day, and he’s a cool guy as far as I can tell. The stimulants in the cookies not only calm my brain but give my body some energy

Another symptom of ADHD is the ability to sleep 16 or more hours, so the usual five or six hours that I get doesn’t really do it for me. Waking up for me is like getting up from 3 hours of sleep then picking up a big rock off my chest in order to get out of bed. Then, once consciousness sets back in, I immediately have three espressos and a line of cocaine. My body is all like “SLEEP!” but my mind is like:

“Uh no. I just had the espressos and a lin–Hey look! Left over Jack in the Box! I wonder what Jack is doing right now probably playing video games I should play more often but I can’t get past that one level it’s like the developers made it impossible on purpose like they give us promises then they’re all like, “Oops! Backsies!” Just like our government, The Wizard of Oz was about the government way back whenever it was written…”

Whenever I am awake my mind is always racing. Everything reminds me of something else; it makes paying attention to things hard. The cookies are important to me and my day because they slow down my otherwise run on thinking enough that I can have an easier time concentrating at school.

When I go through the two automatic doors, i’m greeted with the smell of flowers, and fluorescent lights. I walk to the far corner where the bakery is, with the thought that someone might try to accuse me of foul intent wearing my backpack into the store. It never happens though. As i’m about to turn the corner around the aisle, I can faintly smell those freshly baked cookies.

Every once in a while The Cookie Guy will tell me, as he hands me my bag of cookies without the bill attached to it, “On the house.” Those few words have the magical ability to brighten my whole day and put that needed skip in my step, because… free cookies!

Whether my morning stimulant comes in the form of free cookies or something else, it helps me. When I get to school I have to struggle with all the work and lessons of things i’m not interested in, so I have times two difficulty concentrating. Still, the Cookie Guy always looks the same in his store apron, with his black hair in the same messy style when he gives me my usual, and I go wait at the bus stop. The familiar routine helps me prepare for the hard work ahead. There at the bus stop my day seems brighter – eating those warm soft cookies.  They have to be the best cookies in town.


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