It’s a Little Early for Pancakes…

by George Hiatt

On Saturday January 10th, Paradise Creek Regional High School will be having their annual Pancake Feed to raise money for field trip expenses.

As a student at Paradise Creek Regional High School, and one of the only students with past pancake experience, I  feel comfortable sharing my experience and opinion on the Pancake Feed. It is a great team building event for the school and great time for students to socialize without the impression of school looming over them like a rain cloud on a summer day. I felt more personal connection with other students at last year’s pancake feed than I had any other day at school.

Although some students might not agree with me, I enjoy the pancake feed for the most part. It really shows to the community that we aren’t just an alternative high school full of slackers and delinquents but that we can actually join together as functioning members of society.

However, I do feel that the pancake feed starts too early in the morning. The crushing disappointment of having to wake up at 7:30 on a Saturday runs unparalleled in my book of terrible injustices to high school students. It is my belief and the belief of my peers that waking up at 7.30 in the morning on one of our 2 days off school during a normal school week is unjust and harmful to society. Making high school students wake up early on the weekend to do things for a school can prove to be extremely dangerous. Angering the youth and then having them all drive across town to serve food to the local people can prove to be a detrimental situation to themselves and the town. It is well known that most high school students don’t find it easy to follow standard traffic laws and speed limits. So angering them in the morning on top of their terrible driving habits could lead to drag races and the formation of early morning street races in the center of town.

I vote that next year the Pancake Feed starts at 10 am.


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